Benefits of Living in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer and why not? If it is one of the best places to live in Spain, it has it all, we are sure that you will fall in love with this city, in short, Barcelona is a dream come true.

Starting an adventure in this city will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life, would you dare to do it?

In this beautiful city you will get fun, culture, history, architecture, beaches, and a lot of harmony with its people
We want to show you the advantages of living in Barcelona!

1. The Beaches and Mountains

Barcelona is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in turn it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, that means that you can be sunbathing on its beautiful beaches and only forty minutes by bus from the mountain. It has a perfect location.

You don’t have to choose between the beach or the mountains. Barcelona offers you everything, if you want to enjoy the beach in summer, or go on a winter excursion to its mountains, all this without having to leave the city.

2. The Weather

Barcelona offers you the perfect climate, this is due to its geographical position, it has four seasons, Barcelona is always beautiful and allows you to enjoy these climatic changes.

In spring Barcelona says goodbye to winter and gives the people who live there or tourists a colorful view. In spring you can sit down to read a book in one of its parks, or enjoy a music festival that begins with the beautiful spring.

Summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy in Barcelona, you can enjoy the heat on the beaches prepared to enjoy without dangers. The music festivals continue in the city, you can enjoy the bars and terraces, it also offers its fairs.

In autumn you can enjoy orchestras, concerts, parades and theatrical works, different activities that will teach you their culture, the Mercé festivities also arrive, a festival dedicated to its patron saint, the Virgin of Mercy, this makes Barcelona full of activities to enjoy. In autumn the rains come to be enjoyed, reading a book or enjoying a coffee and the pastries that exist in this city.

In winter, temperatures drop a few degrees, but you can still enjoy this city, in the markets to decorate our houses and welcome Christmas, enjoy with our family and friends.

3. Gastronomy

In Barcelona you and your palate will enjoy it to the fullest, as it has one of the best gastronomies, its tastes, colors and flavors will leave you in love with this city, as it has a unique flavor, and as they say; through the stomach one reaches the heart.

4. Chilling

The main difference from other big cities in the world that never sleep, in Barcelona you can enjoy time for your rest one of these days are the precious Sundays, where you can relax, because this day is much respected as a day of rest, there are no supermarkets or open shopping centers. It is the perfect day to rest from the week and meet with your family and friends. Remember that rest is essential for health.

Get to know much more about Barcelona with us, you will fall in love with this wonderful city, its culture will catch you and you will feel that it is where you belong.

We are Usbel and we will show you that it is possible to live in Barcelona in one of our high-quality mid-term rental apartments and enjoy this beautiful city. What are you waiting for to rent the apartment of your dreams in Barcelona?