Elser Foundation

What is Elser Foundation?

Elser Foundation was born from the hand of Usbel in 2007. After 3 years of learning, which she did by financing projects of other foundations, in 2010 Elser starts with her own model of operation, which consists in the support of social aid projects with a high potential for transformation and/or effectiveness. Currently Elser supports 12 social aid projects in the 5 continents, specifically:

  • 3 in Barcelona
  • 1 in Soria
  • 1 in Verona (Italy)
  • 2 in the island of Pantelleria (Italy)
  • 1 in Togo
  • 1 in Senegal
  • 1 in Dominican Republic
  • 1 in Cambodia
  • 1 in Solomon Islands.

Elser Projects

Hermanos por existir a la comunidad

The Hermanos por Existir community Foundation is a non-profit association located in the Dominican Republic. It was created by a group of people who share the desire to contribute to the growth, change and transformation of people and groups with needs; supporting them to achieve a harmonious development and a full life.


Hermanos por existir educación

The Hermanos por Existir education Foundation in the education center of San José, we teach boys and girls to improve their written skills, reading and concenctration promoting personal growth. The bases are given to the children so the teenagers can join projects for the community and keep studying later on.

Llar d´Infants

INFANTS DEL MÓN CAMBODJA It is a non-profit NGO that was created with the main objective of offering a dignified life to children through sponsorship and scholarships to children from countries that have suffered some kind of war or live under a totalitarian government.


Our project Redención consists of the collection, recovery and care of abandoned animals, generally dogs and cats, although on some occasions we have also taken care of other species (donkeys, Vietnamese pigs, guinea pigs, a sheep)


The pediatric program Paliaclinic foundation is a program aimed at improving the welfare and quality of life of children and young people affected by a serious disease, limiting and threatening to life, and their families, offering emotional care throughout the process, either in hospital or at home, through psychological support, music therapy, art therapy and accompaniment by volunteers.

Salut Mental Catalunya

In the XarxaJoves project of Salut Mental we accompany young people from 16 to 25 years old with mental health problems in their transition to adult life, so that none of them is left behind: continuing their studies, going to work, finding legal activities, making friends… We also give support to their families to better understand the situation and acquire the tools to continue the young person’s life project

Miséricorde por la comunidad

The principal mission of the project is to offer a space to fight and improve the personal habilities with the objective to integrate people back to society. We also fight and protects the right of people with mental disease.

Bicicletas sin Fronteras

Bikes without Borders was born in 2012 as an association focused on solidarity and cooperation through the bicycle. Since our creation we have been carrying out actions aimed at the social integration of the most disadvantaged people through the bicycle. Bicycles without Borders aims to deliver bicycles to secondary school students in this country, in order to facilitate their access to education and daily trips to class.

Albero Azzurro

The greatest joy of Alberto Azzurro is to see our children happy, to be in their company, to listen to them, to embrace them, to organize a party where music and dance cannot be missing. To spend a few hours with them supporting and accompanying them during the creative workshop. We all decide together which activities to develop according to their difficulties and potential. How about a walk, a day by the sea, the lake or in the mountains? We all go out together, the parents, the children and some volunteers who help us. Or the equestrian activity practiced with sweet Dolly and her instructor Maurizio. Thanks to the Elser Foundation for making the equestrian activity and creative workshop possible and thanks to you we will continue to grow and help the disabled people and families of the island.


The association of social promotion RESILEA, deals with the strengthening of the rural community of Pantelleria, as an identity and cultural heritage of a tradition that besides producing an undeniable landscape beauty, has guaranteed the ecological conservation of a territory, preserving the biodiversity and offering an important and repeatable point of observation in the future of the whole planet: the value of the social ecological resilience.

Tetepare Decendats Association

The project «Tetepare» is based on the island of Tetepare, located west of the Solomon Islands, on the oceanic continent, within the South Pacific. It is a project focused on the protection and natural conservation of this island, one of the last uninhabited jewels of the South Pacific. We are based on the protection of the marine ecosystem, as well as unique marine species in danger of extinction, such as the leatherback turtle (the largest turtle in the world), the dugon or the coral forests.

L’acero di Daphne

«L’Acero di Daphne Onlus» Association, which has among its main objectives to promote the culture, the training and the practice of palliative care, has made available to people with progressive chronic diseases – with the monitoring of Veronese’s AULSS 9 Palliative Doctors – and their families, the competence of three psychologists and one physiotherapist.


Solidaria is a non-profit organization dedicated to the people with social exclusion and in particular to women. It provides with first need products to Barcelona organizations and collaborates with international projects in Togo.

Miséricorde por la salud

Miséricorde por la salud and Sor Odile Edoh, nursery and founder of the association, was aware of the need and situation of children with mental disease, creating a farm-school with the objective of taking boys and girls for a better future. One of the first centers of this kind called  VILLAGE ESPÉRANCE ET PAIX.