Cultural Diversity in Barcelona

The coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space fills the city with life, since it expresses all the interaction that people have and how characteristics of each culture in the city are accepted and shared reciprocally.

 In Barcelona there are different languages, ethnicities, religions, artistic expressions, values, gastronomy, the way in which we see and understand the world, among many other things that make this city unique and also enrich it because knowledge is exchanged.

In 2001 UNESCO published the “Universal Declaration of Unesco on Cultural Diversity” after this Declaration was established by UNESCO on May 21 as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Let’s read a bit of this statement:

“Culture acquires diverse forms through time and space.

This diversity is manifested in the originality and plurality of the identities that characterize the societies and groups that make up humanity.

Like biological diversity for living organisms, so cultural diversity is necessary for humankind, because it is a source of exchanges, innovation and creativity. In this sense, it constitutes the common heritage of humanity and must be recognized and consolidated for the benefit of present and future generations.

In our increasingly diversified societies, it is essential to guarantee a harmonious interaction and a willingness to coexist of people and groups with plural, varied and dynamic cultural identities.

Cultural diversity is a means of access to a satisfactory intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual existence, and for this reason it widens the possibilities of choice that are offered to all ”.

We need to realize that diversity is important for each city, and today it has developed thanks to work, different historical, political, and social events, as well as technology, this has brought together different cultures. But if we go further back, diversity has been around for a long time, from the processes of invasions, battles, conquests of new territories in which there were encounters of people from different origins.

Cultural diversity is everywhere and has allowed the development of new knowledge, to start an encounter with another person it is necessary that there be the will, the desire as well as the respect, tolerance, understanding, and coexistence of the different groups that they coexist in a geographic space, be it a country, a region, a city or even a residential complex.

Industrial and technological development has boosted diversity, since it has been the reason for migration seeking better jobs or the relocation of a job. Economic and political activities have also contributed to cultural diversity.

The cultural diversity is amazing, think of it that way;

You are with a group of friends who are from different countries, you can learn together with them words in their native language or expressions in their dialect.

You go to a shopping center and get to know typical dishes and foods from different countries or regions, share with your friends and try these exquisite dishes.

As we know a good way to know a place is through the stomach, this says a lot about its people.

Through the cinema we can know how people from different parts of the world develop or what they have to tell, you can know so much by watching a movie or series, although remember that it is always advisable to investigate by other means, books for example. But it will always be good to enjoy the big screen of other countries, you also collaborate with their directors and actors.

Cultural diversity is also expressed in music because each country or region has its own style of music, it is composed according to its rhythms and lyrics, enjoying diversity and knowing through music is amazing because through music they relate stories that are passed from generation to generation as part of their cultural identity.

Millions of people leave their native land, their home and decide to fly to another country or region. We can help with the simple fact of being respectful, understanding, and not making their load heavier, it is already a lot that they are going through.

We can all help make the world a better place for everyone.

We are Usbel.