About Us

Living Experience in BCN by USBEL

Usbel, the company behind these rental apartments in Barcelona, was born in 1997 with the intention of operating in the Barcelona real estate market to offer its quality and valuable apartments. We have the philosophy of doing little but with high standard. We are dedicated to quality residential rentals, a model that we have implemented in Northern Europe and East Germany. Throughout the 22 years of existence, Usbel has participated in partial plans, has developed a vast real estate development and offered quality residential rentals.

We currently have 6 buildings in Barcelona, 4 dedicated to seasonal rentals and 2 to permanent residence rentals. With our social commitment, in 2007 we created Elser Foundation, a foundation with global projection dedicated to social assistance.

Our Team

Mattias Isaksson
Marketing & Interior Designer
Jordi Albacete
Head of Operations
Montse Flotats
Account Manager