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9 Museums You Must Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city, its culture, its inhabitants, its climate will make you fall in love, but apart from all this its history will also do so, in its museums all kinds of collections are preserved and exhibited, all kinds of art are found in them, culture, history either from Barcelona itself or from another place.

Of all the museums in Barcelona we have selected 9, of course there are many more, but these 9 are our favorites.

1. Picasso Museum

In this museum is the largest collection of Picasso that exists in the world, the museum is located in a beautiful residential palace on the streets of Montcada. In it there are paintings of both his youth and his adulthood, it is one of the most successful museums in Barcelona, ​​more than a million people visit it annually. Admission is free on the first Sunday of each month and every Sunday afternoon.

2. FC Barcelona’s Museum

Soccer lovers will enjoy and yearn so much to be here, as it is the museum where you can get kits, balls, trophies, photographs of times, because for many this is the best team in the world and about two million people visit it annually. Walking through its rooms you could spend hours dazzling yourself with everything it has to show, will you let them tell you?

3. Museu Marítim de Barcelona (MMB)

Very close to the ramblas is the maritime museum where there is a collection of old and modern ships, nautical charts from all over the world, you can get diving equipment and so many interesting objects that connect Barcelona with the sea. In this museum there are also temporary exhibitions on themes such as ancient Egypt, Viking culture, even Game of Thrones or Titanic.

4. Museo Etnològic

Ethnological Museum of Barcelona is a place where the visitor can observe and have contact with different pieces and sets of objects and different types of audiovisual materials that will bring him closer to the anthropological knowledge of the various areas of our society, its protagonist is the Catalan geographical context , but there are temporary exhibitions that focus on different cultures at an international level.

5. Museu d’Història de Barcelona (MUHBA)

This museum is a must if you are visiting Barcelona, ​​if you have just moved, or if you have never been. Well, in it are more than 2,000 years of history. This museum has different locations, such as the Monumental Complex of the Plaza del Rei, the Museum-Casa Verdaguer, the Espai Santa Caterina, the Interpretation Center of the Call or the Refuge 307.

6. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)

Its history begins in the 12th century when it was only a church converted into a convent, it is located in the Raval, its main theme is the city and urban culture. In it, cultural knowledge is promoted through many projects, thematic exhibitions. You will get cinema, literature, and digital or face-to-face exhibitions.

7.  Museu de la Ciència – COSMOCAIXA

It is the perfect museum for the whole family, it is located in the upper part of the city, it is in charge and is designed to expose science to all public who visit it, they carry out numerous exhibitions, workshops, activities, and create spaces for interaction with their Visitors, shows how science is part of human life from its beginnings as a species. It has 30,000 square meters which were recently remodeled, it is divided into different spaces.

8. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

It shows works from the Renaissance and Baroque, it is one of the richest in Romanesque and Gothic art in the world, this museum was established in 1990. It exhibits a series of mural paintings that make it unique in the world.

9. Museum of the Sagrada Familia

This beautiful work of art is not yet finished but this does not prevent 4.5 million people from visiting it year after year, its completion is scheduled for the year 2026, meanwhile people can walk through this Gaudinian masterpiece. In its museum sketches, drawings, photographs, plans, made by this architect Antoni Gaudí, are exhibited. We can’t wait to see this finished work.